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Best Cake Decorating Tools for Cake Decorators

By bakedemy

December 14, 2020

A Cake Decorator is as good as the tools you possess. It’s like if your vocabulary is rich, you can articulate better.

In our 90 days home baking and cake decorating program you learn all types of cake decorating technique. And now you need the right tools to execute what you have learned.

Finding the right tool is an overwhelming and tedious process. So we decided to make it easy for you.

Best Cake Decorating Tools

Here is our list of best cake decorating tools that you may need from time to time in the cake decorating modules. This is a comprehensive list. You may not need all of the tools, but we have tried to provide all possible tools that you would ever need.

The links will take you to where you will be able to directly buy the products.

The links are only to save your time and effort. We do not endorse any brand and you should use your judgement in selecting from the options. If you like to buy products from different brands, please feel free to make your choices.

 To some items, we have not given any link as we assume them to be generally available in every household, but feel free to buy them at your own choice if need be.

Let's start!

List of Best Cake Decorating Tools

  1.    Turntable

Every cake decorator needs a turntable and in fact, is one of the best cake decorating tools that you must have. The turntable rotates 360 degrees with just a gentle push allowing the cake decorator to decorate the cake without changing his/her position.

It becomes easy for a cake decorator to apply an even coat of icing throughout the cake with the use of a Turntable.

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  2.    Piping Bags

A piping bag is a tool that is used to decorate cakes, pies and cookies. It looks like a cone and is filled with some ingredients to be piped and twisted so that they will move towards the tip of the cone. Tips are attached to create different decorative effects.

  3.    Piping Nozzles

A piping nozzle is a baking tool used to add designs and decorations to a cake. Most of the cakes are decorated with frosting straight from the piping bag, but using a nozzle helps to add specified and illustrative designs to the cake.

Preferred nozzle numbers - R3, R4, Noor N1, Noor N46, Noor N1, Noor N125, Noor N11

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  4.    Cake Scraper & Smoother

A cake scraper is a multi-functional tool that has many uses. Cake scrapers are made of different materials such as plastic, aluminium, and stainless steel. They have a firm blade that you can use to smooth your frosting or to give it an edge. They usually come with a handle on top to make them easier to grip while scraping your cake.

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  5.    Cake Combs

A cake comb is a kitchen tool used in cake decoration. It's teeth are used to make designs in the frosting of a cake. A cake comb usually is made out of stainless steel but sometimes it is made from plastic.

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  6.    Fondant Toolset

Fondant tools are used to shape and imprint. Some of these include life-like flowers and leaves, for sculpting figures and marking patterns in fondant decorations and cakes. These tools are used to shape flower petals if you are creating fondant flowers.

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  7.    Cake Leveler

Baking powder and baking soda cause the cake to rise while it bakes. The rising process leaves a dome shape on the cake’s surface. This makes it hard to decorate cakes. Here cake leveler is used to flatten the top of a cake. It gives you a flat surface to work with while decorating.

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  8.    Small Pointed Scissor

This tool is ideal for use with a variety of edible and non-edible materials, including sugar paste, petal paste, marzipan, fondant cakes, and other DIY cooking or craft clays.

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  9.    Paint Brush

Paint Brush is used to paint on fondant or gum paste. You can also use it to stick fondant cut-outs or outlines onto cookies or to form patterns on decorating bags, and make icing flowers, sugarcraft, etc.

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  10.    Thin Brush

Thin brushes are used to paint the details on fondant or gum paste-like facial expressions, outlines, detailed patterns, etc.

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  11.    Craft Knife / Xacto

Craft Knife is also known as xacto knife is used in cake decoration to trim cake glaze and frosting. Cake decorators should have an excellent knowledge of using xacto knives in order to add final touches to their creations.

Our Choices

  12.    Ball Toolset

A Ball Tool is a cake decorating tool with a ball on either end. The larger ball can be used to cup and shape leaves, petals, and frills for a 3D effect, while the smaller one can be used to add details to small areas of model figures such as eye sockets, hands, and ears.

Our Choices

  13.    Wirecutter (Nipper)

Wirecutter is used to cut the florist wires. Although you can use knives and scissors to cut florist wire but wire cutters works the best. Knives won’t cut the wire at once and could cause injury. Scissors are even more difficult to use. Wirecutters make cutting florist wires easy and precise.

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  14.    Small Size Circle Cutter Set

Small Size Circle Cutter Set carries different sizes of circles from mini to small. These are used to make decorations for cakes, cupcakes, or cookies. 

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  15.    Acrylic Rolling Pin (Small)

The Acrylic Rolling Pin is generally a textured rolling pin that will emboss a texture on the fondant while you roll the fondant using the Acrylic Rolling Pin. These pins can be used for pasta, cookie, pastry, pizza, fondant etc.

Our Choices

  16.    Fondant Rolling Pin (Big)

The Fondant Rolling Pin holds a neutral temperature while rolling out fondant. Silicon rolling pins are recommended for rolling fondant as it prevents the fondant from sticking to the pin.

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  17.    Self-Healing Cutting Mat

Self-Healing Cutting Mats are made from heavy duty thick material that avoids the damage to the mat when the knives and metal cutters are used on them to cut your cakes etc. 

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  18.    Lace Mould Mat (Any theme)

Sugar Laces allow you to create beautiful lace patterns on your cakes and pastry with ease. They are made from quality silicone which is ideally used with fondant cakes, cake lace mix, gum paste/sugar paste, petal paste, marzipan, DIY cooking, or craft clays.

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  19.   Dowels

Dowels are required to bring stability to cakes. It just help the bottom tier of the cake to support the to tiers in your multi layer cakes.

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  20.    Cake Smoother (Plastic)

Cake smoother is a tool that every cake decorator will need to give that professional finish to their cakes. It is an invaluable cake decorating tool for the icing of any cake.

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  21.    Ribbon Cutter

Ribbon cutters are the magical tools behind the cake decorators managing to cut perfect strips from the fondant.

These are adjustable cutters that can cut out strips from fondant or any other edible paste. The ribbon cutters have adjustable sections which you can use to adjust the distance between the wheels.

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  22.    Gelatin

Gelatin is available in the form of gelatin powder and gelatin sheets. Gelatin sheets are clearer and more transparent than powder. Gelatin, the tasteless protein, is used in different types of food to thicken and solidify liquids such as soups, marshmallows, jams etc.

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  23.    CMC / Tylose Powder / Edible Glue

Edible glue is an excellent product used for attaching decoration to cakes. It is widely used in sugar craft purposes like sugar flower making or fondant icing.

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  24.    Shortening

Shortening is a type of fat that has higher melting point than butter or oil. Because of its high melting point, it is use for frying and baking baked goodies like cakes, pies, cookies etc.

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  25.    Evaporex/Baker's Spirit

Evaporex is a natural flavoring substance that is used for painting and air brushing on fondant cakes. It can be used with all kinds of food colors & luster dusts.

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  26.    Cake Dummy

When you want to demonstrate your cake decorating skills, but do not want to get into real time baking, all you need is a cake dummy. You can put your design on a cake dummy and show case it to your customer, use it for your photoshoot and create your portfolios'.

Our Choices

  27.    Isomalt

If you are into production of sugar-free candies, you know what Isomalt is. Isomalt is made from beets and unlike sugar it does not turn yellow when put at high temperature as it resists in crystallization.

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With this list of our best cake decorating tools, you as a cake decorator will be able to decorate amazing cakes and make your customers happy.

Let us know if you feel we have missed an important tool, and we will be happy to include them in our list.

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