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How are we making a difference in our student’s life- Bakedemy

By bakedemy

July 24, 2023

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We heard the pain points of home bakers and then created something for them with the belief to be able to help them succeed in their baking journey. Their success stories entrusted our faith in our program.

While we have many women entrepreneurs coming out of Bakedemy, we have an amazing male entrepreneur that I would like to put the spotlight on. 

Kajal Dash is a confectionery shop owner in Odisha. He was doing well in his business and then also decided to join Bakedemy 90-Day Professional Home Baking Course and just like you, we also wanted to know WHY?

When asked, Kajal shared “This is a family business that he will eventually acquire. It is quite popular among the people but I wish to grow the business. That's the reason I’d like to start a home baking business. While we are a known confectionery shop, home-baked cakes will help us acquire new customers.”

Similarly, Rajni is a homemaker from Karnataka and a mother of a 4 year old girl. She says, “I have observed that my daughter is a food lover. However, I ensure that she eats homemade food only. As a result, I had to refuse all the fast food she keeps asking for like pizzas, burgers & puffs. It is so upsetting to see her sad face each time I said no. When I came across Bakedemy, I didn’t think twice. It was affordable and I learned so much”.

We at Bakedemy were elated to know about these problems being solved by our course. Have you checked the course yet? It may be just the guide you need for baking for your loved ones. Visit www.bakedemy.com to know more.


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Bakedemy is an online baking academy with a mission to empower millions of baking enthusiasts, students, working professionals or homemakers with professional skills of baking at home for self-consumption or starting their baking business.

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