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Top Indian Bakers on YouTube: Delicious Recipes Every Home Baker Will Love

By bakedemy

September 28, 2021

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YouTube is the hub of visual miracles for hobby bakers. If you have recently discovered your baking as a hobby, chances are you'll love these famous Indian bakers on YouTube. After watching these bakers create delectable dishes, you'll want to follow your passion for baking and take it up professionally.

Check them out yourself!

Shivesh Bhatia

Shivesh Bhatia is a New Delhi-based Home Baker and Social Media Influencer. In 2014, he started as a novice baker, a food blogger, and a food stylist. Cut to 7 years and two books later; he is a popular name among bakers and bloggers! The key ingredient in his baking journey has been practice and innovative recipes. He is the most followed Indian food blogger on YouTube.

Shivesh has a wide range of baking recipes, from simple sponge cakes to delicious French pastries. On his YouTube channel, he also shares tips for food styling that home bakers can easily follow and pick up some baking basics online.

Parth Bajaj

Parth Bajaj is an engineer turned Blogger, Baker, TV host, Food photographer, and Recipe Developer. He was always a food critic. He usually posted feedback about food on his social media. Parth is a foodie; His friends frequently used to ask him for recommendations about eateries; that's how his blog- "Nagpuritadka", came into existence.

He shares fun baking recipes on his YouTube channel to help hobby bakers. In an interview with Deccan Chronicles, Parth said, " I believe in never losing hope and always doing something innovative. If your work is your passion, everything seems easier."

Tejasvi Chandela

Chef Tejasvi Chandela is another popular name among bakers of India. She is a certified Pastry Chef who has won the prestigious "World Travel Brand Academy Award" for her Patisserie and Café Dzurt in Jaipur. She makes baking seem like a piece of cake

Her videos are incredibly descriptive and help home bakers learn baking recipes online. You can watch her recipes on her Instagram page and she also has a YouTube channel that you can check out. Tejasvi adds a personal touch to every baking recipe.

Deeba Rajpal

Deeba Rajpal is a baker from Gurgaon. She has traveled across India as her father was in the air force. Deeba started her blogging career after a corporate life of over eight years and becoming a mother. Since then, there was no looking back. She makes different types of desserts that are healthy and taste great. For her, food should look good before it is eaten. 

Her passion for baking led her to start a blog and YouTube channel. Deeba's YouTube channel and food blog blend all of her passions, including cooking, photography, food patterns, foods, and societies. She is an inspiration for many home bakers and hobby bakers.

Suma Rowjee

Suma Rowjee is a home baker and the brain behind Cakes and More. A passionate baker who shares her knowledge through baking recipes online. Each Monday, she brings you a new recipe video. Her channel is great for discovering all types of dessert recipes. 

Suma's videos provide basic information such as ingredients and tools needed and the basics of baking, such as mixing and preparation. Therefore, anyone who has never baked before can find this helpful in getting started.

Aashritha Daggubati

Aashritha Daggubati, the daughter of actor Venkatesh, has been interested in baking from a young age. She launched her Infinity Platter blog on Instagram to share recipes, food photos, etc. The recipes she shares are suitable for chefs and novice bakers. 

In addition, Aashritha has launched her YouTube channel. The channel is called "Infinity Platter", where she posts videos of baking recipes with her twists. It's a treasure trove for everyone interested in online baking recipes!

Pooja Dhingra

Pooja Dhingra is known for her brainchild Le15 and one-of-a-kind desserts with an innovative touch. Her creativity and skill have made her successful in this profession. She is known for making macarons popular in India and the variations of a traditional macaron. 

In the past few months, Dhingra has started a YouTube channel where she shares amazing recipes that one can experiment with within a home kitchen. Through this channel, she also gives you a peek into the kitchen of a professional baker.

Sonia Gupta

Sonia Gupta is a well-known baking instructor. Her journey began in 2016 with a blog, and steadily her whole wheat baking recipes gained popularity. She is one of the few bakers to teach with 100% whole wheat and 100% eggless baking, which became an instant hit. Sonia's YouTube channel - AnyBodyCanBake, is about turning homemakers into home bakers. 

Through her channel, she helps hundreds of people to learn the art of healthy baking. She shares her knowledge about whole wheat baking and is a faculty member of Bakedemy, an online academy for baking and cake decorating. 

Rakhee Vaswani

Rakhee Vaswani is a chef, host, culinary instructor, and author fondly called Desi Nigella. On her YouTube channel, she shares mouth-watering recipes on cakes and bakes. Secondly, you will find many fusion bakes on her channel, perfect for festive treats. She believes that it is always a good time to kickstart your career, just like she did after a sabbatical of 10 years.

However, if there is one thing Rakhee would like to be known for, it would be the role of a teacher. She is a part of many culinary institutes, online and offline, Bakedemy being one of them.

Aditi Garware

Aditi Garware combined her childhood interest in art and love for food to become a baker today. She gave up her legal profession to follow her passion by starting as a home baker. Aditi likes experimenting, which led to trying and then acing anti-gravity cakes, tiered cakes, and more. Also, she ranked among India's top 10 Cake Artists in CakeMasters. 

She has recently started her YouTube Channel- Sweet Boutique By Aditi, where she shares delicious baking & cake decorating recipes.

The stories of these baking stars are inspiring. Their journeys are proof that choosing your passion as a profession is a great idea.

Many home bakers aspire to become like them. One can start out by watching and learning videos on the Internet/YouTube. However, getting a quality training and certification goes a long way, especially when you want to scale up as a baker, professionally. If the feasibility of traveling to the academy is an issue then you can also choose to learn from professionals with an online baking academy like Bakedemy. You can choose from short masterclasses or professional courses and take the first step to a fruitful career.

Hope this blog was useful to bring you one-step closer to your passion for baking! So, grab that whisk and let your baking journey take off just like these talented bakers.

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