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Top 5 Free Online Baking Courses 2021

By bakedemy

December 7, 2021

Today, most people have a passion for baking. If you haven't picked up on this life skill, then you must! Even if you're a newbie to baking, there are many free online baking classes to help you out. Baking isn't only for professionals anymore. Anyone can bake now. For example, a doctor can be found baking in their house due to the number of online classes available now. All of the online baking courses will help you learn how to bake with a range of delicious recipes.

However, to begin your baking journey, here are some free online baking classes:

1. Baker Bettie

Baker Bettie is an online baking school by Kristin Hoffman. She is a chef turned baker. To continue her passion for baking she created Baker Bettie to educate others about baking online. While her YouTube channel offers plenty of baking tips, those who prefer a more structured approach will love her free online course on baking.

With her structured curriculum of 12 lessons with videos, you’ll learn how to bake a wide variety of different baking items. It's a good platform for baking lessons for beginners.

You can learn at your own pace
Covers the fundamentals of baking
There are more classes at Bettie’s Better Baking School

No person-to-person engagement

2. Udemy

Udemy is an online learning platform. It has different types of online courses such as business, marketing, photography, personal development, music, cooking, baking, etc. Some of its free online baking courses are:
-The Art of Baking with Yuppiechef
-How To Bake A Cake: Victoria Sponge - Introduction

-Master Cake Baking: The Complete Introduction

You can learn at your own pace
You will understand the basics of baking
Once finished, you can revisit all the course material as many times as you want.

No person to person engagement

3. Free Online Cooking Classes (ICE.EDU)

The Institute of Culinary Education is known for its cooking, baking, beverage, and professional development classes. The institute has a variety of options for students at all levels. They have added free online classes to their courses via Zoom Webinar. This is a good option for a free online baking class. Their professional chefs will guide you through baking cookies, cakes, bread, tarts, etc.

Students learn through live classes
Q&A session support

Learning within specified time

4. CakeFlix

Cakeflix provides a huge selection of Free Cake Decorating Tutorials Online where you can learn cakes, cupcakes, cake decoration, etc. If you are a baking novice and want to learn easy-to-make recipes, then these free baking classes are perfect for you. Here the tutors will guide you through step by step and with lots of tips and techniques to make your learning experience easier.

Suitable for beginners
You can learn at your own pace

No person-to-person engagement

5. BBC Good Food

This free course offers both beginner and more advanced bakers the opportunity to learn basic baking techniques and recipes to make delicious baking items. This online course is self-paced in which you can learn everything you need to know about baking. At any point, you can meet up with other learners, share your ideas, and join in active discussions of the comments. You will get access to this course for 7 weeks.

You can learn at your own pace

No person to person engagement
Learn within a fixed duration

That sums up the recommendations for top online baking classes that's available for free. However, free online programs provide access to a limited amount of knowledge and don’t help you achieve your goals. In paid programs you learn through a structured curriculum.

The problem with free content is that you have to put a lot of work into it. You need to find the right content and then organize it.
When you pay for content, you get exactly what you want without the extra work.
Anyone who pays for online courses will get more value and use out of it.
Also, Free content always comes at the cost of watching ads which is a waste of your precious time.

Within all Bakedemy courses, our commitment has been to provide our learners with:
-Remote access to the leading trainers
-They can access the course anywhere on any internet-enabled device
-They get unlimited access to the course as well as live Q&A support for the lifetime
-You can join the course at a fraction of the classroom learning cost
-Independent focus on course content and live Q&As

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