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Top Baking Books By Indian Bakers: Guide For Home Bakers

By bakedemy

January 18, 2022

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Baking is a life skill today. There are many occasions where you need the perfect baking recipe. In addition to finding it online, you can count the best baking books of all time. Here's our list of top baking books by Indian authors that'll make your life easier and your desserts look more delicious.

Bake with Shivesh


Rating on Amazon - 4.3 stars by 230 reviewers

Price on Amazon - Kindle Edition (Rs 376.28)

                                  Paperback (Rs 447)

Publisher - HarperCollins India

Link to Buy - https://amzn.to/3I4l0ir

Bake with Shivesh by Shivesh Bhatia

Shivesh is a self-taught baker, author of two cookbooks, and a social media influencer. He is a popular Indian food blogger on YouTube and Instagram.

In his first book, Bake with Shivesh, he shares how to style food in your kitchen. He offers simple styling tips that require tools you already own. This book helps you learn his favorite techniques and what works for different social media platforms. This book is for people who want to improve the presentation of their food, blog, or business. It will help you make your food look as good as it tastes.

Desserts For Every Mood


Rating on Amazon - 4.6 stars by 369 reviewers 

Price on Amazon - Kindle Edition (Rs 399.50)

                                   Hardcover (Rs 599)

Publisher - HarperCollins India

Link to Buy - https://amzn.to/3npublI

Desserts For Every Mood by Shivesh Bhatia

Desserts For Every Mood book is a collection of 100 amazing desserts. It consists of both eggless and egg recipes. In this book, Shivesh shares a range of recipes of cakes, cookies, cupcakes and muffins, frostings and fillings, tarts, and pies. Suppose you are a beginner in baking, no worries because this book is one of the best baking books for beginners in India. It also consists of a conversion table at the start, so you don't mess up with the measurements.

The Big Book of Treats


Rating on Amazon - 4.4 stars by 275 reviewers 

Price on Amazon - Kindle Edition (Rs 339.35)

                                   Paperback (Rs 561)

Publisher - Penguin

Link to Buy - https://amzn.to/3tsDLZ2

The Big Book of Treats by Pooja Dhingra

Pooja Dhingra, also known as "Macaron Lady," is a baker, founder, and owner of Mumbai's most famous French-style pâtisserie, Le15. Her passion for baking led her to Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, and on her return, she opened Le15 Pâtisserie, which was a great success.

The Big Book of Treats is Pooja's gift to Indian home bakers, which teaches you how to make everything from cookies and cupcakes to brownies and birthday cakes. Unfortunately, many recipes have international products, which are tough to find, and measurements can be confusing, so this book helps the reader avoid all that. The detailed recipes make it one of the top baking books for beginners.

The Wholesome Kitchen: Nourish. Energize. Indulge.


Rating on Amazon - 4.1 stars by 43 reviewers 

Price on Amazon - Kindle Edition (Rs 433.30)

                                   Paperback (Rs 580)

Publisher - Hachette Book Publishing India Pvt Ltd

Link to Buy - https://www.amazon.in/Wholesome-Kitchen-Recipes-Nourish-Energize/dp/9351951448

The Wholesome Kitchen: Nourish. Energize. Indulge. by Pooja Dhingra

In The Wholesome Kitchen book, Pooja shares the weight-loss philosophy to transform her life, and Nutritionist Viddhi Dhingra provides expert nutrition advice. You will learn how to cook and eat nutritious food through this book. In addition, this book advises on how to fix your dietary habits, calorie-counting versus real nutrition, and alternatives for those who need to avoid specific ingredients which will help you get your health back on track. The vast recipes make it one of the top baking books.

Can't Believe It's Eggless!


Rating on Amazon - 4.3 stars by 160 reviewers 

Price on Amazon - Paperback (Rs 999)


Link to Buy - https://amzn.to/3tqJHSc

Can't Believe It's Eggless! by Pooja Dhingra

Can't Believe It's Eggless Book is for people who do not eat eggs. It is one of the best eggless baking books in India. This book contains over 100 eggless recipes for everything from cookies and brownies to decadent cakes, doughnuts, and mousses. In this book, Pooja also offers tips on how to stock your pantry, choose a suitable substitute for eggs, and perfect the art of baking.

Cakes & Cookies


Rating on Amazon - 3.7 stars by 31 reviewers 

Price on Amazon - Kindle Edition (Rs 196.33)

                                   Paperback (Rs 9304)

Publisher - Not mentioned

Link to Buy - https://amzn.to/3rgE2eM

Cakes & Cookies by Nita Mehta

Nita Mehta is an Indian celebrity chef, author, restaurateur, and media personality, known for her cookbooks, cooking classes, and as a celebrity judge on cooking-based television shows. She has been called a "Cooking Expert" and "Nutrition Expert" in the media. She has authored more than 400 cookbooks. In 1999, she won the Best Asian Cookbook Award for her book- Flavours of Indian Cooking at the World Cookbook Fair in Paris.

Cakes And Cookies is a book that contains a lot of recipes for beginners to pros ranging from cakes for simple tea party cakes to grand birthday ones. This book covers the baking fundamentals and is perfect for beginners. The recipes in this book come with step-by-step instructions explained in detail, along with all the ingredients needed to get the perfect result. The instructions in this book are easily given, even for the most complex recipes, to help bakers bake their cakes and cookies in the comfort of their homes quickly, and this makes it one of the top baking books for beginners.

Cakes And Bakes


Rating on Amazon - 4.4 stars by 71 reviewers 

Price on Amazon - Kindle Edition (Rs 314)

                                    Paperback (Rs 240)

Publisher - Popular Prakashan Pvt Ltd

Link to Buy - https://amzn.to/33jzkoG

Cakes And Bakes by Sanjeev Kapoor

Sanjeev Kapoor is a famous Indian celebrity chef, entrepreneur, and television personality. He has hosted the popular TV show Khana Khazana, the longest-running show of its kind in Asia. He is also the first chef to own a 24X7 food and lifestyle channel, Food Food, launched in January 2011.

Cakes And Bakes is a recipe book authored by India's leading chef, Sanjeev Kapoor. Through this book, bakers can enhance their baking skills by following his simple recipes. This book is one of the best baking books for beginners as all the recipes mentioned in this book are organized, with easy-to-follow step-wise instructions. According to him, the art of baking is nothing more than a simple culinary exercise, which requires four main ingredients - precision, process, patience, and passion. 

Passionate About Baking


Rating on Amazon - 4.9 stars by 40 reviewers 

Price on Amazon - Kindle Edition (Rs 553.85)

                                    Paperback (Rs 589)

Publisher - Penguin Ebury Press

Link to Buy - https://amzn.to/3K8FjgB

Passionate About Baking by Deeba Rajpal

Deeba Rajpal, a home baker for over 20 years, has been a food stylist and photographer. She is also the founder of Passionate about Baking, one of the most popular blogs in India.

This book was inspired by her blog, full of recipes for delicious chocolate desserts. She explains every recipe with easy tips and tricks and healthy, tasty treats that are easy to make but look fancy, ranging from cupcakes and tea cakes to cookies and tarts, making it the best baking book of all time.

New-School Sweets: Old-School Pastries with an Insanely Delicious Twist


Rating on Amazon - 4.6 stars by 171 reviewers 

Price on Amazon - Kindle Edition (Rs 508.39)

                                   Paperback (Rs 1070)

Publisher - Page Street Publishing

Link to Buy - https://amzn.to/3tsEtFG

New-School Sweets: Old-School Pastries with an Insanely Delicious Twist by Andres Lara and Vinesh Johny

Vinesh Johny is the co-founder of the Lavonne Academy of Baking Science and Pastry Arts. He appeared on CNN's 2017 "20 Under 40" list and Forbes 2016 "30 Under 30 Asia" list.

Andres Lara is a globally renowned pastry chef and consultant. He has worked in Michelin-starred restaurants in many countries. He is now the Cacao Barry regional Chef in the Asia Pacific.

This book is full of pastries recipes with a delicious twist and detailed directions that will walk you through every recipe, with special tips on timing and assembly to help you perfect your desserts. This book is one of the top baking books and is perfect for those looking to upgrade their baking skills and pros who want some inspiration.

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