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Top Online Professional Cake Making Courses

By bakedemy

January 11, 2022

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Do you want to learn how to make and decorate cakes? There are a lot of Online Professional Cake Making Courses, but which is best for an aspiring baker?
Luckily for you, we've done the research, and the best ones are as follows:

CakeFlix has a high number of professional cake-making courses online. Paul Bradford founded CakeFlix in 2002. It is a subscription-based education platform that offers cake decorating classes through pre-recorded video tutorials curated by experts across the globe. 

They provide three plans- Standard, Premium, and Pro with seven days free trial. Standard membership provides limited access to some courses. In contrast, Premium gives you access to special features like private Facebook groups and support every day of the year, while the pro-level membership includes business classes. They provide regular live shows as well.

Sugar Geek Show is an online cake decorating school founded by Liz Marek and her husband Dan Marek in 2015. The platform is updated monthly with new paid & free tutorials and new recipes that you can watch on the website or the youtube channel.

They offer two Premium and elite membership plans with a free 7-day trial. Both memberships offer access to the recorded tutorials and access to members-only forums. Additionally, elite members get lifetime access to new cake-making courses & tutorials, with a monthly fee. Also, elite membership grants you access to their special Facebook group.

Avalon Cakes School is a cake decorating school started by Avalon Yarnes. She has been featured on TV shows, books, and magazines and has won the Best Novelty Cake Artist award from Cake Masters Magazine in 2014.

There is two membership plans - classic and Premium membership. Both membership plans include access to the private Facebook group, live training videos, exclusive cake calculators, and the option to download tutorials. However, premium membership offers more tutorials. 

Sugar Sugar Cake School is an online cake decorating school founded by Amanda Lee. It offers free guides & blog posts for cake businesses, including Instagram tools, to build a successful cake business.

There are paid premium courses as well as free tutorials. You can join the Cake Insider Academy, too, which gives you access to all the courses and specific business courses that you can't access or purchase otherwise. Overall, it is a good platform for professional cake-making courses.

Bakedemy is India's first online academy for Professional Baking & Cake Decorating Courses. It was founded in 2020 and consists of a faculty panel with Chefs & experts from around the world. Its course content & faculty parent makes it a great platform to learn cake making online.

It offers a course for cake decoration- 30 Days Professional Cake Decorating Coursewhich is specially designed for learning cake making and decorating skills. This course will give you 360 degrees of knowledge about cake decoration which is suitable for beginners and intermediate bakers. This course includes the Facebook support group, Live Q&A sessions, and certificate and lifetime access.

Anuradha Kambi and Anjana Lath, her sister-in-law, started HomeBakers in 2018 as an online marketplace to connect cake buyers from any part of the world to the home bakers in India.

They also offer online baking and online cake decorating courses & classes by covering basics to advanced cake-making techniques. They offer cake decorating individual classes such as Eggless Royal Icing, Cake Pops & Cakesicles, Human Figurines, and many more. 

My Cake School was founded by Melissa. In the annual Cake School membership, you can access all the videos of cake decorating classes.

This means a library of hundreds of informative cake decorating video tutorials along with new updates. They also offer free cake tutorials and recipes.

8. Udemy

Udemy is an online learning platform with different online courses such as business, marketing, photography, personal development, music, cooking, baking, cake decoration, etc.

Some of the cake decoration courses are All About Cakes, Learn Eggless Cakes with frosting, 10 Gorgeous Cake Decorating Techniques for All Levels, and many more taught by different bakers and chefs. These courses are for Beginner-Advanced hobby or professional bakers and cake decorators. There are some free cake decoration courses as well.

9. Skillshare

Skillshare is an online learning community with different courses such as illustration, design, photography, baking, cake decoration, and many more.

Bakers teach online cake-making classes & professional chefs for all levels - Beginner, Intermediate, and Professionals. They also offer some free online cake decorating courses.

Domestika is an online learning community for creative people from where you can learn different skills from expert professionals like sketching, drawing, photography, calligraphy, cake decorating, etc. 

There are four courses for cake decoration:

Cake Design: Modern Decorating Techniques by Julian Angel

In this course, you will learn from the design and first sketches to the color palette to create textures and final decoration.

Decorative Buttercream Flowers for Cake Design by Kate Kim

This course will teach you how to create perfectly textured Italian buttercream to decorate a cake ideal for any occasion. This course is a good option for learning cake-making online.

Sugar Flowers for Cake Designs by Nasima Alam

This course will teach you how to make any cake blossom with your custom designs.

Floral Cake Design: Craft Edible Art by Cynthia Irani

In this course, you will learn to use the natural world as your inspiration to create delicious compositions made of sugar.

International Culinary Studio was founded by Cheryl Cordier accredited by the World Chefs' Association. They offer an online professional cake-making course to learn different techniques and skills to become a successful cake baker. In this course, you will access over 200 videos of different online cake-making classes. 

Also, you will bake three different cakes for the final submission. The faculty shares individual feedback about your submission. Additionally, you will receive a certificate of completion after the course. You can choose to make any three cakes out of the following options::

  • Basic Cakes – Marble Cake with Chocolate Anglaise
  • Sponges – Sponge Fingers which will be used in a Tiramisu
  • Healthy Cakes – Carrot Cake with a Cream Cheese Icing
  • Gateaux – Banana Sponge Roll
  • Genoese Sponge – Hazelnut Cream Icing
  • Fruit Cake – Decorated with Fondant Icing

Hunar online course is an online learning platform that offers a variety of courses such as garment making, fashion styling, bag making, fashion illustration, boutique management, embroidery, fabric designing, professional cake making courses, and much more. You can buy any course on an installment basis.

They offer baking courses which include cake making, cake icing and cake decoration which expert trainers teach. After completing the course, they provide a certificate from NSDC and the Govt. of India. Also, the platform offers free professional cake decorating courses. You can access free live classes and webinars after enrolment. 

Bake Better Online is an online academy by Truffle Nation that offers professional cake-making courses in Delhi. These online cake baking classes teach baking cakes, bread, cupcakes, brownies, and more like a professional baker. They offer the Bake Better Pro program, Foundational Beginner Workshops, Master courses, Certification Courses, and Baking Workshops.

Professional cake-making courses have a Celebration Cakes Online Certification Course , a complete 7-day Master Course in which you will learn how to bake and decorate a wide range of cakes, decorations, and techniques to take your skills as a baker to the next level. In this course, you will get complete access to 25 modules, Recipe cards, Live chef hours group calls every week, and 6 Month access to Bake Better Premium Group.

14. Cake Prince Academy App

Praneet founded cake Prince Academy. It is a baking studio in Bangalore that offers professional cake-making courses in Bangalore. However, recently they have launched their academy app for online cake decorating courses. 

The academy aims to help amateur bakers to take their cake game to the next level. This academy offers a huge number of online cake-making classes, consisting of 500 videos and ten live classes with lifetime access to all videos and content.

Enrolling in any of these online cake decorating classes will help enhance your cake decoration skills. Also, with practice, you will be able to create marvelous cakes from scratch, just like a professional. However, it is always advisable to pick the course that offers a certificate of completion. These certificates are an acknowledgment of your learning for a lifetime.

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Bakedemy is an online baking academy with a mission to empower millions of baking enthusiasts, students, working professionals or homemakers with professional skills of baking at home for self-consumption or starting their baking business.

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