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Start your home baking business with Award-Winning Chef's & Baking Artists.

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Season 2 Starts on 1st February 2021


We are here to help you create a profitable & sustainable home baking business

The goal is not to transform you into a  Pastry Chef. Instead we will transform you into a  professional home baker. Bakedemy is the first & only Indian Online Academy that provides Professional training in starting your Home Baking Business, regardless of your-know how in the Field of Baking.

Top award-winning chef's and baking artists joined hands together with a goal of transforming 1000 aspiring home bakers into professional home bakers.

The question is whether you will be among them or not?


Professional Home Baking & Cake Decorating Course

100% Eggless Demonstration

(Eggbased and Eggless Recipe PDF's Included)

If home-baking is in your mind, this is for you. Learn from people who have years of baking & cake decorating experience and understand the real-time challenges of a home baker.

If your objective is only to learn the recipe, this course might not be for you. Join this course if you want to learn the how's and why's of baking and cake decorating.

This course is for people who are serious about home baking business.

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

A unique course that not only teaches you baking & cake decorating, but also teaches you how to setup your business and make it profitable

60+ hours video | 20+ hours of Live Q&A

Watch videos at a time of your choice and ask questions directly to your instructor.

15 Top Chefs, Baking Artists & Trainers

Get a chance to learn from the award-winning chef's, baking and cake artists in just one course.

Mentorship & Support

Get mentored by successful home bakers. Get the support from us till the time you need.

Bakedemy Certification of Completion

Claim your certificate of completion after completing the assignments given by the Tutors.

Lifetime Access

Learn at your own pace. You will never lose the content.

Access to Alumni Group

Network with other like minded people. Learn, share, and help others in the alumni group.

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Home Bakers like your have already found ton's of value in our course. Check out what their feedback is on this program.

Nikita Gulati

Home Baker

It's the program which will enhance my skills..

I am a homebaker, but not satisfied with my work, I want to grow my business... I have to learn some techniques, I got to know abt this program. It's the program which will enhance my skills..

Tejaswani Darne

Aspiring Home Baker

Loved the comprehensive course content

During this lockdown, I tried my hands on baking cakes and realized a passion for baking. That's when I decided to deep dive into baking & following my passion into profession. I found this course & loved the comprehensive course content as it will be covering all aspects of baking & also starting your own business.

Nirmala Almedia

Aspiring Home Baker

I found the course curriculum complete

I found the course curriculum complete in every sense and feel confident that after completing this course I will b a confident home Baker and will b able to achieve my dreams.

20+ Modules | 15 Trainers | 90+ hours of Training


Week 1: Entrepreneurial Baking, Chocolate Making & Digital Marketing
  • Food Hygiene and Health & Safety in Home Baking
  • Setting-up a Commercial Bakery, Project Planning, Menu Selection, Legal Procedures
  • Packaging & Designing, Supply Chain, Bakery Execution Management 
  • Introduction to Baking Ingredients & Tools, Weight, Measurement & Volume, and Home Baking Techniques
  • Brand Positioning, Marketing vs Selling, Advertising Channels


Week 2: Social Media & Food Photography

  • Social Media Platforms for Food Industry, Voice & Tone of your Business
  • Importance & Fundamentals of Food Photography in Baking Business
  • Understanding & Mastering Phone Camera Settings
  • Composition, Angles, Using Props & Understanding Color Co-ordination, Shooting with Natural Light
  • How to use Backgrounds & Baseboards, Human Element to Tell a Story
  • Editing Photos on Smartphones using Apps, Inserting Watermarks & Copyright
  • Planning Content for Instagram & Facebook for Maximum Engagement


Week 3: Tea Cakes
  • Tea Cakes
  • Muffin


Week 4: Brownies & Cookies
  • Brownies
  • Blondie
  • Cookies
  • Biscuits


Week 5: Cakes & Cupcakes
  • Basic Cake Sponges
  • Cupcakes
  • Finished Cakes (Black Forest, Butter Scotch, Belgian Chocolate Truffle & Exotic Fresh Fruit Cakes)


Week 6: Macrons, Jar Cakes & Tarts
  • Tarts
  • Macrons
  • Jar Cakes


Week 7: Bread
  • Bread: Rolls/Buns, Loaves, Soft Rolls, Focaccia, Pizza, Doughnuts/Berliner


Week 8: Chocolates
  • Chocolates: Tempering of Chocolate, Chocolate Bon Bon, Truffles, Chocolate Bars, Mendicants


Week 9: Puff Pastry Applications & Healthy Bakes
  • Puff Pastry Application: Sweet n Sour Puff, Twist Methi Khari, Chocolate Puff, Mille Deville
  • Healthy Bakes: Hi-Fiber Bars, Dry Fruit Bars, Gluten-Free Crunchy Ragi & Oats Cookies, Breakfast Cornflakes Cookies


Week 10: Whipped Cream, Ganache & Buttercream Cakes
  • Round, Square, Double Barrel Whipped Cream Cake, Decorating the cake with Whipped Cream Ruffles, Edible Prints, Fondant Accents, and Piping.
  • White, Brown, and Colored Chocolate Ganache Cakes, Round Ganache Sharp Edges & Decoration 
  • Buttercream Sharp Edges & Flowers


Week 11: Fondant Cakes, Royal Icing Cookies, Cake Pops & Cakesicles
  • Variety of Sugar pastes
  • Fondant Cakes - A-Z of Fondant Cake, Double Barrel Fondant Cake, Dowelling & Stacking
  • Airbrushing Techniques
  • Royal Icing Cookies: Vegan & Egg Royal Icing, Marzipan Covering, Royal Icing Covering, Piping, Run Outs
  • Cake pops, Cakesicles


Week 12: Sugar Flowers & Wedding Cakes
  • Gumpaste Flowers: Gumpaste basics and fundamentals, Gumpaste recipe
    Coloring techniques, Usage of different types of colors, Wiring petals, Rose, Peony, Plumeria, Blossoms, Calla Lily, Stephanotis, Filler flower, Leaves, Berries, Curlicues
  • Wafer paper flowers: Wafer paper basics and fundamentals, Wafer paper fillers, Wafer Paper Daisies, Wired leaves
  • How to arrange flowers and set up on cakes
  • Wedding Cakes: Designing the Cake, Ruffles, Creating and Adding Textures & Decorations


Week 13: Figurines & Cake Pricing
  • Figurines: Girl & Boy, Mom & Dad, Jungle animals, Unicorn, Makeup, Peppa Pig, Cute Bears
  • How to Price your Cakes & Bakes, How to Plan & Fulfill Your Orders, How to Design, Pack & Transport Cakes


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About The Course Tutors

There is no better way to learn than to learn directly from the master of the art.

Bakedemy, is the first and only Indian online academy that brings you the world class award-winning chef's and baking artists under one roof. 

You will get the best of the knowledge, technique and guidance, all from the comfort your home.

You no longer need to compromise on the faculty you learn from?


Here’s what people are saying about the course

They have found the value and so will you!

Ruchi Agarwal

Home Baker

this is the platform for me wherein i think i can fulfill my dreams

I am a self learner...... I feel I should learn more and make all kinds of theme cakes. So this is the platform for me wherein i think i can fulfill my dreams and learn baking skills to the core.

Sumita Debnath

Hobby Baker

The way you have designed the course, it is like a complete course.

First thing, which grabbed my attention about your course is the designing. Baking is my hobby. I like baking since my college days. Though by profession I am a teacher. The way you have designed the course, it is like a complete course. I have searched a lot for a complete course but did not find any.

Divya Suresh

Aspiring Home Baker

opportunity to acquire baking knowledge from various talented people

My first learning experience with was excellent. Learnt the basics of baking all kinds of items with flawless & enriching guidance. Now to further enhance my baking knowledge I joined bakedemy programme where I will get an opportunity to acquire more baking knowledge from various other equally talented people.

How much does the course cost?

It's not possible for us to compare this course with any other course, because there isn't one. However, let's look at the market value of the individual modules.

  • Entrepreneurial Baking is about 4K.
  • Bread Baking is between 4k.
  • Cake, Cupcake, Cookies and Patisseries' is about 16K.
  • Chocolate making module is close to 6K.
  • Digital Marketing is about 4K.
  • Food Photography is about 4K.
  • Pricing & Order fulfillment is about 4K.
  • Multiple Cake Decoration techniques is about 50K.

So, the market value of a similar course will be about 90K.

But because we believe that learning should become available to each of you, we are offering this course at a highly reduced price.

So you don't pay whooping 90,000/-

You pay only ₹18,995/- 

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And a Life-Long Engagement


  • 20+ Full Blown Modules
  • 90+ hours of exclusive learning
  • Demo of 100% Eggless Recipes
  • Eggless & Egg-based Recipes
  • Lifetime Access
  • Access to Alumni Group
  • Assured gifts worth ₹ 3000/-
  • Premium Listing on worth ₹3000/-
  • Facebook Marketing from Amit Gupta worth ₹2500/-
  • Add-on Modules from Bake Zone worth ₹5000/-
  • Add-On Module from Sonia Gupta worth ₹2500/-
  • Add-On Module from Anjana Lath worth ₹2500/-
  • 30+ hours of Live Q&A

Prices Revising Soon

Season 2 Starts on 1st February 2021


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This course has changed lives of 100's of people in helping them start their dream business in the most efficient and sustainable way.
We understand that it's impossible to commit 100% satisfaction, but we are able to do so. Our students in the course puts their seal on it.

From the Founding Team

After working with thousands of home bakers we understand your real challenges. All you need is a:

  • Professional training designed only for home bakers .
  • Tips & tricks in baking and decorating.
  • Recipes that you can sell from your home kitchen.
  • And a plan to grow your business.

That is what our 90 Days Professional Home Baking & Decorating course all about. Learn A to Z of a successful home baking business directly from the award-winning chefs, bakers and cake artists.

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