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Pre-Enrollment Questions?

1. Do you provide online baking courses for beginners?

Of course! We offer online baking courses that are great for anyone, including absolute beginners who have not baked before. For a beginner, it is recommended that you opt for the 90 days professional baking and cake decorating course. This course is an entirely online baking course of seven modules. It will prepare you to start your own baking business in the best way possible.

2. Are your online baking classes suitable for all?

If you're looking to gain professional technical knowledge in baking, cake decorating, or commerce behind the home baking business to scale up your business, this platform gives you industry-level knowledge & experience. Also, if you are baking for your family and friends, then these courses are perfect. 

3. After completing an online course, will I be able to join a professional kitchen or become a professional baker?

We guarantee that the skills we teach you will help you become a professional baker. These skills can also help you work in a professional working space.

4. Who will be teaching the courses?

The tutors are experts from the baking industry, including acclaimed home bakers, chefs, and trainers. They all have years of experience in the industry and have previously taught students in varying capacities. Our faculty includes Chef Avijit Ghosh, Chef Abhiru Biswas, Anjali Tambde, Dr. Alok Verma, Anand Kumar, Pastry Chef Manali Khandelwal, Pastry Chef Jessica George, Kalyan Karmakar, Parrejat Boraah, Chef Rakhee Vaswani, Sonia Gupta, and Urvi Zaveri.

5. After completing a course, will I be able to become a chef?

The courses will train you to be a professional baker and not a pastry chef. Wearing a chef coat will be a personal choice that you will make.

6. What courses do you offer?

We offer different courses:
90 Days Professional Baker Course- This online course covers everything that a person should know to start a home bakery business.
45 Days Professional Baking Course- You should consider this course if you are looking to learn baking to serve your family & friends.
30 Days Professional Cake Decorating Course- You should consider this course if you know baking or are a home baker and looking to enhance your cake decorating skills.
15 Days Online Chocolate Making Course- You should join this course if you are looking to become a home chocolatier.
7 Days Cakes and Cupcakes Course- You should consider this course if you're looking to learn cake making and cupcakes for your kids & family.

7. Do you offer eggless baking classes?

We cover both Egg-free and Eggs baking in all the courses, so you never have to look out for any other course to learn a particular type of baking. All recipes will have an eggless version as well.

8. Do you provide a professional cake-making course?

Yes, we do have a 7 Days Eggless Cakes and Cupcakes Course. This cupcakes and the cake-making course covers how to bake and make different types of Cakes & Cupcakes. This course is popular amongst the women and students looking to learn basic baking for their kids & family.

9. Do you provide any online chocolate-making courses?

Yes, we do have a 15 Days Professional Chocolate Making Course. In this Professional chocolate making course, you will learn to perfect the art of working with chocolate to create desserts as well as journey from bean to bar chocolate making

10. Do you provide any professional cake decorating courses?

Yes, we do have a 30 Days Professional Cake Decorating Course. This course will brush up your cake-making & designing skills with the leaders in the field of cake decorating and sugar art. You will learn Whipped Cream Cakes, Fondant Cakes, Figurines, Cakes with Chocolate Ganache, Cakes with Buttercream, Sugar Flower, Wedding cakes, and much more in this Professional Cake Making Course with a certificate.

Course Access Questions?

1. How will the course work?

You will be given access to the course portal, where the lessons will get unlocked as per the schedule. Once the lesson gets unlocked, you will be able to watch them for a lifetime as many times as you may like to.

2. How will I access the course?

The courses will be hosted on one of the leading online learning platforms. You will get your credentials, and you will access the course on the learning platform. The course will be accessible on all internet-ready devices.

3. Will it be a live class?

The course shall have pre-recorded video tutorials. However, there will be live Q&A session(s) with the tutors.

4. What are the timings of the course?

The course curriculum will be pre-recorded video tutorials. However, all the Q&As will be live with the Tutor. Course Videos are pre-recorded to enable flexibility so that students can watch them at a time of their choice.

5. What if I miss a class?

Nothing to worry about. You can always come back to the course and watch the videos at a time of your choice. The course is made flexible, keeping working professionals in mind.

Fee & Payment Questions?

2. What is your refund policy?

The refund policy is mentioned on each of the course pages.

3. Is there any further discount available?

We believe in transparent pricing, and the offer on the course page is the best offer for now.

Certification Questions?

1. Do you provide online baking courses with a certificate?

Yes. You will receive a certificate after completing a course. Depending on your course, you will receive the certificate of completion from Bakedemy, International Diploma Certificate and Chocolate Academy.

2. When and how are certificates issued?

With Bakedemy, you will be awarded the certificate of completion after completing all the assignments given in the course. To qualify to get a certificate, you must achieve 100% course completion, including attempting all quizzes that are included in the modules.

The Diploma in Baking & Patisserie Arts is of 90 Days. However, looking into the diversity of students who like be benefited from this course, we have a 90 day grace period for our students to complete their exam and secure their certificates.

So every student needs to complete the entire course and appear for exam within the 180 days i.e. 6 months from the date of registration. Failure to appear for the exam within 180 days of enrollment will result in forfeiture of the Diploma in Baking & Patisserie Arts certification fee.

You may re-take the exam with an additional fee of INR 5000/-, however it will be subjected to LAPT prevailing policies.

General Questions?

1. Do you have a physical location/branch?

We are India's First Online Academy for Professional Baking & Cake Decorating Courses. We provide online classes only. We do not have any physical locations or branches.

2. Do you offer a free trial?

No, we do not offer any free trial, but we do offer an Rs499 month plan in which you will get access to all the courses for a month.

3. Can I download the courses?

We do allow downloading of our video tutorials, but as you will be our student, you will get access to the videos for a lifetime which means the videos will be with you for life.

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