March 29


Ifs & Buts leading to Bakedemy’s Final Cut!

By bakedemy

March 29, 2023

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The year was 2020, and India's lockdown was being lifted in phases. However, it was still not safe to venture out. During this time, people needed to upskill or build new skills. As a result, we started seeing more queries regarding Bakedemy courses.

We had to pace up. Having the Bakedemy Learning Model in place was a great feeling. Thanks to the Bakedemy team of 15 leading Indian chefs, cake artists, and baking industry experts. It was time to shape this model, record the video, and compile it into tutorials.

Finding the production team was complex due to the different locations of Bakedemy mentors in India and abroad. So, to begin with, an experienced video editing team was required. Then, we started reviewing various profiles of video editors and their USPs. It may sound like a quick task, but finalizing a suitable video editing team was a roller coaster ride. 

During this process, we realized that maintaining uniformity is essential. So, we created a video shooting guide, including a high-quality sample video. The guide brought uniformity in the recorded content, irrespective of the location, set up & the videographer.

It was relatively easy for some of the mentors because of their familiarity with recording video content. But for some, it was a new learning process with much hustle. Winners always find a way & so do our mentors. It was no less than a two months effort to complete the pre-and post-editing.

Once we had all the recorded curriculum content. Now was the time to publish the content for students to access it. But how can a story end with drama in it? The entire team was excited that the content was about to go live. We published the content. The team wanted to see how it appeared on the learning platform. The video was played only to turn the happy faces into long faces.

The video editor has not made the audio corrections, and the entire content was disturbing. The course was to go live in the next 48 hours. The students would start accessing the course, and we had no clue what to do. Can you imagine what team Bakedemy would have done to produce a course as good as this one at


Team Bakedemy

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Bakedemy is an online baking academy with a mission to empower millions of baking enthusiasts, students, working professionals or homemakers with professional skills of baking at home for self-consumption or starting their baking business.

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