March 14


The Matchmaking Process of Bakedemy Learning

By bakedemy

March 14, 2023

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Team Bakedemy wanted to work out a learning model to help the Home Bakers looking to upskill and Working Professionals trying to switch to a Home Baking Business. It meant more brainstorming to get to a fitting teaching model.

In the 21st century, we have numerous learning models available, like :

Classroom Learning

YouTube Learning

Online Learning

Live Online Learning

The question was, which model will justify the needs of both the learners? We could not agree with a specific model and instead created a hybrid. We had already established that Home Bakers would like to grow their knowledge while running their baking business and managing their household chores. Similarly, working professionals would continue alongside their 9 to 5 jobs, implying remote learning.

We brainstormed on the Pros & Cons of online learning vs live online learning vs classroom learning. We concluded to deliver the content using high quality, disturbance-free video & audio. And to answer student’s queries, we would take a human approach through Live Q&A sessions over zoom. This model will be suitable as each student will access & practise at their own pace.

Now that we have sorted our learning model & curriculum, the next mountaineering task was the video content creation. It gives us nightmares; if we ever have to re-do it and share it in the following email, why do we say so?


Team Bakedemy

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Bakedemy is an online baking academy with a mission to empower millions of baking enthusiasts, students, working professionals or homemakers with professional skills of baking at home for self-consumption or starting their baking business.

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