The Story

Home Baking industry is experiencing rapid growth in India. Changing lifestyle, increasing disposable income, eating habits, and western influence all have contributed to its growth.

According to IMARC group, Indian Bakery Market has already crossed US $8 Billion in 2019.

Bread has replaced our traditional chapatis, cakes and muffins have replaced traditional desserts, bakeries have made its way in every Indian family. But as more and more people are getting health conscious, home-bakers have been outshining the traditional bakeries.

Home-bakers extend the possibilities of customizing cakes & bakes, yet keeping the quality of ingredients in check. They also avoid using harmful preservatives and harmful chemicals in baking which otherwise is added in the market baked products.

This creates a lot of demand of home bakers in India. And as the demand increases, the need of getting formal professional training increases. More and more women entrepreneur are now taking up home baking as their full time business and are struggling to find a one stop shop to learn the technical and business aspect of home baking business at an affordable price.

This is why and have joined hands together to create a comprehensive learning program exclusively for the aspiring or existing home bakers. Both and are committed in shaping the Indian home bakers industry. They’ve years of experience in training 1000s of home bakers in India. Both brands have previously worked together on a number of topics related to home baking and home bakers.

A Strategic Collaboration and commonly found the gap and the need of professionally trained home bakers to cope up with the rising demand.

This is when both seasoned industry players joined hands together to solve this problem.

The goal was common, creating a platform where:

  • a novice can enter and learn all the technical aspect of baking including the industry best practices of maintaining highest quality standards in home baking business.
  • a home baking startup could learn and leverage the technical and marketing aspects of of home baking and grow their home baking business.
  • a seasoned home baker could gain experience from the Industry best trainers and scale up their home baking business.
Homabakers is trying to carve its way to become a trusted destination for home-bakers of all levels to learn, be inspired, share their enthusiasm for baking and allow their lovers to get their desired cakes hassle-free. Home to the best recipes, content, tips and tools and of course a platform for all of us cake lovers to buy from our favorite home bakers; we bring baking to life in everything we do.

Along with a platform to showcase the baking talent of local home-bakers and giving them an opportunity to create presence and demand for their talent, we want to create, educate and inspire our readers to become the best baker they can be. That is why we never show you a cake without helping you make it, reveal a product without a recipe, or recommend anything that doesn’t make you and your baking better. This revolutionary platform is a small step taken to help the world see what you truly are capable of.


AnyBodyCanBake.Com or ABCB as its popularly known as, is and award winning online learning platform. It is on its mission to transform Homemakers into Homebakers and ensure that every home maker is equipped with the skill of baking at home to avoid any type of harmful chemical or preservative entering into human body.

ABCB drive on this long unwinding path is purely a commitment to humanity so that we see the bake through a fresh new eye. Unpolished, Eggless, and Whole Healthy.

ABCB is a trusted learning platform and serves a worldwide community of food entrepreneurs. It helps people take action towards achieving their goals by providing best-in-class educational content and training experiences. ABCB has motivated hundreds and thousands of mothers to adopt healthy baking in their lives and has already transformed more than 3000 home makers into home bakers. Most of its students have already started their successful home baking ventures.

The Team


Sonia Gupta, Baking Specialist

Founder, AnyBodyCanBake.Com

Sonia Gupta is a baking trainer, food blogger and recipe creator. She is on her mission to help home makers become home bakers and learn the art of baking without using harmful chemicals and preservatives.


Anjana Lath, Baking Specialist


Anjana is a resident baker, blogger and a trainer. She always wanted to share her culinary skills with the world. And that is exactly when her journey as a home-baker started. She is also the founder of


Anuradha Kambi, Strategy


Anuradha Kambi is a management consultant with 16+ years of experience in banking & financial services and artificial intelligence. Her son's love for cakes brought brought her closer to the baking world.


Amit Gupta, Marketing & Sales

Co-Founder, AnyBodyCanBake.Com

Amit Gupta has over 24 years of corporate experience into recruitment, sales & marketing. He has been instrumental in scaling up AnyBodyCanBake from $0 to $10K per month in 3 years.